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How to Refer Patients:

Referring your patients to the ‘Ekahi Diabetes Management Program is an easy process – once we’ve received the completed referral form and medical records, we will reach out to the patient to schedule an initial consultation with our staff.

You will still be your patient’s primary care provider, we will manage their diabetes care as you have outlined in the referral form. We will provide you with updates which may include but are not limited to:

  • Blood glucose trend reports
  • Educational session attendance
  • Consultation notes

Frequently Asked Questions

‘Ekahi Diabetes Management Program Eligibility

We now accept HMSA commercial plans. To determine if your patient is eligible for the ‘Ekahi Diabetes Management Program, please call us at 808-777-4000 or fax a completed referral form to (808) 447-0571..

What You Can Expect

The provider continues to manage the patient’s care plan during the term of the program and leverages the provider-patient relationship to support the lifestyle changes required by the program. Participants of the ‘Ekahi Diabetes Management Program must continue to actively work with their referring provider to make appropriate adjustments to care plans as their chronic conditions improve. This includes office visits to manage medical conditions, medication adjustments, and any testing required to measure program outcomes. Our staff will work with the referring provider and the patient to facilitate this process.

What Your Patient Can Expect

We partner with you and your patient to empower patients with the resources they need to better understand and manage diabetes. At each visit to the ‘Ekahi Diabetes Management Program, your patient will receive:

  • Access to hui – our group education classes – to help them better understand what diabetes is, how is it affecting their health, and what they can do to better manage their diabetes.
  • Access to Case Managers and Clinical Coordinators support our participants in getting the right resources at the right time to best manage their diabetes.
  • Access to a nurse practitioner specialized in treating patients with diabetes
  • Access to a clinical pharmacist for education on how to take medications as well as what their medications do.
  • Access to a registered dietitians that can make dietary recommendations.
  • Access to a behavioral health specialists that can assist with emotional well-being.
How Long Is The Program

Your patients can participate in the ‘Ekahi Diabetes Management Program for as long as they would like to utilize our services. The program consists of individual and group education sessions. The individual sessions with our providers will be scheduled as needed. The hui – our group education classes – begin with a eight, 2-hour sessions that meet every week for eight weeks. The hui will continue to meet every 45 days for a 2-year period.

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