Signs, Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Complications


signs and symptoms

Early symptoms of diabetes include higher than normal levels of glucose in the blood. Diabetes warning signs can be mild – and it can be tough to notice them at first. Thirst and hunger are key indicators of diabetes – as well as frequent urination. This is because diabetes increases your blood sugar, so your kidneys require more fluids to to make urine. 

Many of the long term complications of diabetes relate to the increased levels of glucose in your bloodstream. High blood sugar can cause damage to your eyes, kidneys, heart, and other organs. High blood sugar can cause short term complications as well – such as dizziness and severe dehydration. 

Preventing long term complications

Fortunetely, there are ways to manage your blood sugar levels and reduce your risk for long term complications. A healthy plant based diet, regular moderate exercise, and daily stress management have all been shown to help properly regulate your insulin levels. 

It’s also important to regularly visit your doctor in order to prevent more serious complications such as diabetic ketoacidosis. Diabetic ketoacidosis occurs when your cells are unable to use glucose as a fuel source, and your body begins to break down fat too rapidly for the body to process. To prevent serious complications, be sure to take your medications as prescribed by your physician. Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly, and follow a sensible diet – do not skip meals. 

A1C – and why it matters.

A1C is a test that lets you know how well you’ve controlled your blood sugar over the past two to three months. This test shows how much sugar is attached to your red blood cells.

Lowering your A1C by just 1% may reduce your risk of diabetes-related complications. The American Diabetes Association recommends levels of less than 7% – but your healthcare provider may set a different goal for you.

Regular exercise and healthy eating can help you manage your A1C levels. Set a goal for yourself – and start your journey to wellness!

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