Discover an innovative approach to better manage your diabetes

Comprehensive diabetes support and education, all under one roof for easy access to the resources you need, and access to online support and education to guide you anytime.

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Our expert team partners with you and your physician to equip you with the right resources to understand and manage diabetes.
‘Ekahi Wellness is a covered benefit of most insurance plans.


Our expert multidisciplinary team partners with you and your physician to equip you with all the resources you need to better understand and manage your diabetes

All under one roof, you will have access to…

Medical consultation with a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
Medicine education with a clinical pharmacist
Nutrition education with a certified diabetes registered dietician educator.
Support classes with a behavioral health specialist
Exercise classes with an exercise physiologist
Stress management classes with a certified yoga instructor
Connection to community resources with a medical social worker
In-house and quick testing of essential labs such as A1c, microalbumin, (others) and eye and foot exams


When it comes to managing your diabetes, we know you are looking for a solution that is personalized, easy to understand, and makes you feel like you are in control of your health again. Not just that, you need a team of support that can help you around-the-clock.

Getting a diabetes diagnosis can be scary. However, diabetes can be effectively managed with the right resources. Living with diabetes is a life-long challenge that can make any person feel helpless and defeated at times. We here at ‘Ekahi Wellness want to help you strive to overcome these challenges, by giving you the resources and tools to help empower you.

 And getting the resources you need to help you should be straightforward.

 The ‘Ekahi team has worked with hundreds of people in Hawaii who are going through what you do every single day. Through our `Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program we have empowered local folks to transform their lives… and the lives of their families and loved ones! And our partner, Vivante Health, brings decades of experience in working with diabetes using personalized technology that brings balance and control into the lives of their participants.


1) Call us at 808.777.4000 to schedule an initial consultation with our team.

2) Working with your physician, our multidisciplinary team will connect you with the people and tools you need to better understand and better manage your diabetes.

3) Get access to a library of online education and the 24/7 care management and remote monitoring technology that will help give you peace of mind wherever you are – even beyond the clinic walls.


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